Greeters and Ushers
Walking into a new church can be a bit disorienting – which is why we have  greeters!  You’ll see our greeting team there on Sundays opening doors, extending greetings, and doing all they can to make everyone feel as welcome as possible. We love our guests because Jesus loves our guests, and we want to be great at welcoming because Jesus has been so great in welcoming us.

Hospitality Director, Laura Lee (309) 678.7625

Coffee Ministry
Along with the Holy Spirit, coffee is a major building block of the modern  American church. Who doesn’t feel better with a coffee and donut in hand?
Ministry Leaders, Laura & Jim Willman (309) 682.3255
Caring Hearts
One of the wonderful ways we love one another in extra-stressful seasons is helping with practical needs – with Caring Hearts, we bring meals to new moms and those recovering from surgery or illness. If you are interested in helping provide meals, we’d love to hear from you!
Ministry Leader, Rachel Robinson (309) 369.9520