Food Pantry 
The first Friday morning of every month from 8:00-10:00!
Bradley Epworth’s Food Pantry was organized as part of our constant effort to do the things that Jesus did. We offer food assistance to anyone in need! Our funds are derived solely from the generosity of Church members and others in the community and we’ve been able to stretch our budget by shopping at the Peoria Area Food Bank, distributing government commodities which come to us at no charge, and by contributions from the Midwest Food Bank, which is also free of charge. 
Ministry Leader, Jeff Jones (309) 264.3341
Pastoral Care
We visit those in their home who are unable to come to church, those recovering in the hospital, or those in nursing homes, offering the salvation of Jesus and a friendly visit from the BE church family.

Ministry Leaders Frank & Linda Valente (309) 573.5062