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Confronting Abuse and Loving Kids! The mission of Royal Family Kids Camp of the Peoria region is to provide hope, purpose, and positive memories for foster children ages 6 to 12, who have been traumatized by abuse, neglect, or abandonment.
Through partnership with local churches and generous donors, we are able to provide foster kids in our region with a fun, weeklong summer camp experience of “Royal Treatment”, at no cost to the camper or their families/caregivers, and an awakening to a brighter future.










For every counselor willing to spend the entire week at camp, another camper is able to attend. Training is mandatory. Counselors arrive at camp the day before the campers to prepare the cabins and welcome the campers as they arrive. Each counselor is responsible for two campers in order to provide the very best care. One assistant counselor works with every two regular counselors.


There are many roles other than counselors needing filled such as camp grandma and grandpa, camp aunt and uncle, coach, activity center coordinator, drama coordinator. dean of men, dean of women, bible teacher, nurse, breakfast club coordinator, photographer, teenager assistants.


Registration helpers will get all the children registered when they arrive, get the children’s belongings gathered and labeled, ensure children go to all check-in stations, hand out the children’s camp T-shirt and name tags.

Want to work with/support campers?

Counselor –
you will have 2 children aged 7-11 in your care for the week. (5 days, 4 nights) Show them
God’s love and make sure they have the best week ever! We need 5 men, and 5 women.

Dean of men, women counselors –
This is a leadership role to give encouragement/ guidance for counselors. May help troubleshoot with behavior concerns and serve counselors as needed.
Child Specialist –
Must be a psychologist, licensed social worker, or therapist- Helps with students whose behavior is challenging.
Hospitality Host –
Keeps the staff break/work room organized, refills supplies as needed. Creates a calm space and supports and encourages camp staff.

Want to make camp fun?

Activity Center coordinator – Organizes, plans, and facilitates craft/ activity centers for campers

Coach (Games leader) – Skilled in teaching non-competitive games. Excellent encourager and makes sure everyone has fun!

Grandpa and Grandma – Older adults (do not have to be a married couple) who can love the campers like their own adopted grandkids. You go to camp activities, sit with campers, play dress up, make a craft, or participate in games as you’d like, etc.

Photographer/ Videographer – Many photos are essential! All campers are sent home with a photo album!

Skilled volunteer – Are you passionate about a hobby that you could bring to camp? Crafting? Sewing? Woodworking? Fishing? Etc.? Let us know what kind of activity you are passionate about and we’d love to have you share that with the campers!

Staff assistants – Perfect for 16/17 year olds who want to get involved! Help around camp as needed! Crafts/ Games/ etc.

Want to make camp safe?

Child Placement Coordinator (Administrative skills) –
The mediator between social services and camp- in charge of ensuring that campers and their paperwork/medication/info is up to date. This role is mostly needed in the months leading up to camp, and at camp registration morning.

Nurse –
Licensed nurse needed! Many students need to take daily medication. We may split the week between 2 nurses if full commitment can’t work.

Night Watch –
Volunteers to stay up all night long to make sure students are safe.

Want to help teach God’s love at chapel?

Bible Curriculum Coordinator –
leadership role in charge of coordinating chapel and breakfast club (morning chapel-like gatherings) All curriculum/scripts/music is provided.

Music Director –
Skilled in leading small/ large group worship, organizational skills. RFK provides pre-recorded music!

Chapel team –
We need teachers, puppeteers, music/ dance leaders, a drama team, and A/V help. All lessons/ scripts/ music provided!

Not able to come to camp? We still need you!

Fundraising Team –
Speak to businesses/ Rotary/ other community groups to share the RFK vision and ask for financial donations.

Registration Coordinator –
Administrative skills- Help morning of camp registration so that all details are accounted for, the process is smooth, and kids feel safe.

Welcome Home Coordinator –
Organizes a meal for all the camp volunteers the night camp finishes. This is an important time for all camp volunteers to debrief.

Prayer Partner Coordinator –
Communicates between camp/prayer warriors updates and prayer needs.

How can you get involved with Royal Family Kids Camp?

We need your help to give abused and neglected kids a chance to be a kid, have fun, belong, and experience God’s love. All volunteers must be 18, sign a statement of faith, fill out an application, be interviewed, complete a criminal background check, and participate in 12 hours of training. This all ensures camp is safe for the campers. You may fill more than one role during your time at camp!